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Lump-sum Provision scheme and North-east

                                         Lump-sum Provision scheme and North-east

Lump-sum provision scheme was launched by the ministry of urban development for the benefit of north- east region, including Sikkim, for the financial year 2001-02. 90% of total cost given by the ministry and 10% cost is provided by the state government itself. The central agencies also funded 10% agency charges for this project. Among these 8 states 176 projects have been completed. Till March 2014 out of Rs150 crore, Rs 124.82 crore had been utilized in 8 states


  • Speedy development of infrastructure (physical and social) in North Eastern region including Sikkim.
  • Development of basic services.
  • Construction of bridges, flyovers and footpaths.
  • Development of market complex, parking places.
  • Construction of retaining walls, new roads.
  • Development of water drainage system etc

                                    Criteria for submission of proposals

  • The proposal should be accompanied by a detailed project report and it can submit after the concern of urban local body.
  • The project should be implemented within 2-3 years.
  • Preference will be given to those projects which are included in Prime Minister’s packages.
  • State government should look over all the priorities of the cities before sending the proposals.
  • If in any circumstances the project will change DPR should be submitted and approval of the ministry should be taken before further procedure.
  • Those plans should be submitted under the 10% lump-sum scheme which cannot be funded under the state plan.
  • The Proposal should be forwarded by the urban development department of the state.
  • Many small projects into one will not be allowed.
  • More than 2 crore is given priority in the project

                              Steps for submission and sanction of the projects     

  • At first it should be submitted by municipal bodies through the department of urban development.
  • The area covered under the project,according to the census 2011.
  • There will be a definite time to complete the project.


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