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Land Acquisition Policy: Haryana

For development of state Haryana government has realised that acquisition of land from the owners which is their source of livelihood can be a painful process. It intends to minimise this pain of the affected persons through a set of policy initiatives that include:

  1. Payment of market value as compensation of land to the landowners with the revision and fine-tuning of minimum floor rates in respect of land situated in different parts of the state
  2. Introduction of a special incentive for reducing litigation of the compensation amount
  3. Revision of the rates of Annuity payable for a period of 33 years as a social security benefit for the landowners
  4. Review and introduction of certain additional benefits over and above the one-time compensation paid in accordance with the law so as to provide for alternate means of sustenance for the landowners and other landless persons/artisans who are dependent on the agricultural land being acquired for non-agricultural purposes.
  5. If Tube well is present on the land acquitted, owner can shift it to his other place in time period of one year.
  6. If the land is acquired under HUDA, HSIIDC and HSAMB, one person will be given state government job.
  7. Within two years of award, Land owner will be exempted from the stamp duties & registration charges for purchase of alternate industrial and agricultural land.

Floor Rates of Land for Compensation:


Revised Floor Rates per Acre

Total After Other Grants

Land situated within the notified limits of Gurgaon Municipal Corporation

40 Lakhs 72 Lakhs
Land situated within (i) the notified limits of Faridabad Municipal Corporation, (ii) the notified limits of Panchkula Municipal Corporation as on 07.09.2010, (iii) Development Plans of (a) Gurgaon-Manesar Urban Complex (excluding the areas falling

within the limits of Municipal Corporation Gurgaon) (b) Sohna, and

(c) Sonepat-Kundli Urban Complex

30 Lakhs

54 Lakhs

Areas situated within the Development Plans of Bahadurgarh, Rohtak, Rewari, Dharuhera, Bawal and Panipat towns

25 Lakhs 45 Lakhs

Rest of the National Capital Region, areas situated outside the limits of Panchkula Municipal Corporation (as on 07.09.2010) in Panchkula District, and the land situated within the Development Plans of all other district headquarters outside the NCR

20 Lakhs

36 Lakhs

Remaining Parts of the State 12 Lakhs

21.60 Lakhs


Annuity Scheme: Revised Features

The payment of Annuity to the persons, who are the landowners, whose land is acquired by the Government under a statute, is in the nature of a Social Security and Benefit Scheme as a part of the overall R & R Policy of the Government. It has been introduced primarily with a view to providing financial assistance for a period of 33 years. Broad features of the Annuity scheme are as under:

  1. Landowners will be paid Annuity @ Rs. 21,000/- per acre per annum for a period of 33 years over and above the usual land compensation.
  2. The Annuity amount of Rs. 21,000/- will be increased by a fixed sum of Rs. 750/- every year
  3. In respect of land acquired, for setting up of Special Economic Zone/Technology Cities/ Technology Parks, a sum of Rs. 42,000/- per acre per annum will be paid for a period of 33 years by private developers and the Annuity amount will be increased at the rate of Rs. 1,500/- every year
  4. The scheme will be applicable to all cases of land acquisition by the Government irrespective of the same being acquired for the State Government and its agencies or the Government of India/ its agencies, including the NHAI, the Railways, and the Defence purposes;
  5. The Government Departments acquiring land under a statute shall recover the amount required for discharging the Annuity obligations along with the compensation amount from the concerned agencies (for whom land is acquired)
  6. The landowner would be entitled to appoint his nominee and change the same at any time before his demise for receipt of benefits under this Scheme who would step in his shoes after his death and so on so forth till the completion of 33-year period. In cases where a landowner dies intestate without leaving a nominee behind, the Annuity amount for the remainder of the period would be payable to the legal heirs of the deceased erstwhile landowner
  7. In cases where the land acquired in respect of a landowner/ co-sharer works out to less than one acre, such landowner will have the option to avail the commuted value of the Annuity amount upfront in one go which is fixed @ 30% of the gross amount of Annuity payable during the 33 years.
  8. The Annuity in respect of land acquired during the preceding calendar year would become due for payment during the month of January of the following year.

Nodal Department: Revenue & Disaster Management Department

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