Aadhaar numbers for all- PM Directed State Governments

  • Prime Minister Narendra Modi after praising the unique identity project, Aadhaar number, conducted a review meeting under the Pragati initiative in which he directed the states to issue Aadhaar numbers to 100% of their population by December
  • Aadhaar completed five year. The first number is issued on 29th September,2010 till now around 92 crore numbers are issued.
  • Uttar Pradesh stood highest at 8 crore numbers, followed by Bihar with 5 crore numbers and 2.9 crore in West Bengal.
  • Gujarat, Jharkhand, Maharashtra, Haryana and Rajasthan planning to put a review application for Supreme Court on decision to limit Aadhaar usage only to food and LPG subsidy transfer.
  • RBI wants to use Aadhaar for account opening in a bank for providing the benefit of pension or for getting paid for the job guarantee scheme under MNREGA, and Sebi wanted to use Aadhaar voluntarily in the securities market for know your customers (KYC) proof.

Source: Economic Times

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