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Adi Dravidar and Tribal welfare scheme by Tamil Nadu government

The government of tamilnadu has announced several schemes for education and economic socio development of Scheduled Castes/ Scheduled Tribes /Scheduled Caste Converted Christians. The schemes can be divided in two groups like educational and other economic development schemes.

The educational programs are providing scholarships, fees concessions, free schemes to Adi Dravidar and Tribal welfare school students, etc.. The benefits under each such scheme are discussed hereunder.


  1. Government of India Post-Matric Scholarship Scheme
  2. Government of India Pre-Matric Scholarship Scheme for the children of those engaged in unclean occupation.
  3. Higher Education Special Scholarship
  4. Overseas Scholarship
  5. State Government’s Special Post-Matric Scholarship (beyond X Std.)


  1. Exemption of tution fees to all the Adi Dravidars / Tribes / Adi Dravidars converted to Christianity studying in Government/ aided institutions with out any income stipulation
  2. Exemption of Special Fees and Examination Fees to the Under Graduate students to all the Scheduled Castes/ Scheduled Tribes /Scheduled Caste Converted Students. This facility is available to the students of the said groups even though their income exceeds the income ceiling stipulated by Central government.
  3. Exemption of Special fees and Examination Fees to the Post Graduate Girl students of Scheduled Castes/ Scheduled Tribes /Scheduled Caste Converted Girls irrespective of family income.
  4. Special Fee concession like registration fees/ application fees to all the students belonging All the Adi Dravidars / Tribes / Adi Dravidars converted to Christianity studying in Standards X and XII   and Graduate and Post Graduate students studying in Government / Government aided Colleges , appearing for the public examination.


  1. Supply of text book free of cost to the students belonging to Scheduled Castes/ Scheduled Tribes/ Scheduled Caste Converted, from class 1 to 12th
  2. Supply of   free note books to all the students belonging to those three groups from 3rd standard to 10th But this facility available to the students of the said groups studying in general schools also but from 4th standard to 10th standard only.
  3. Supply of 4 sets of uniforms to the students belonging to the said groups including students studying in AD & TW hostels
  4. Supply of Bicycles to all the students of the three groups . studying in 11th and 12th This facility available to the students of those castes, studying in Government / Government Aided Schools and partly Government aided schools, where +1 & +2 are conducted under self finance basis.
  5. Providing admission for Adi Dravidar / Tribal students in +1 at reputed schools. Top 10 students in the 10th standard public examination , from each district, will be provided admission in +1 in top rated colleges/ schools whose family income does not exceed 1.00lac per annum. Government will bear theEligibility fees Rs.28,000/- (including boarding charges) per year . The respective district collector is approving authority.
  6. Blockwise one boy/girl meritorious student will be selected basing on a special examination conducted after 5th standard, will be admitted in 6th standard in reputed residential school. Free education will be provided up to 12th
  7. All the students studying 10th and 12th standard will be provided with free guides and question banks.

Special Incentives for girl students:

To encourage education among girls, special incentives have been announced for girl students studying in government and government aided schools. From 3rd std to 5th std – Rs.500 per annum and for 6th std. – Rs.1000 per annum, will be paid but this scheme is applicable to Adi Dravidar /Tribal Girls only. There is no income limitation.

In addition to the above concessions and incentives there is a provision to offer hob oriented training /assistance. Anna Institute of management, Chennai, provides pre examination training to all the aspirants of the those communities who are graduates and selected in the examination to be conducted for selection. They will be provided free lodging and boarding in Chennai during training period. This free boarding and lodging available whose parental income is below 1.00lac but Rs.1200/- per month will be collected as mess charges in case the parental income is above 1.00lac.

To encourage the SC youth to join Civil Services, finanical assistance of Rs.25,000/- is given per candidate, who has passed Civil Services (Preliminary) Examination and to prepare for Civil Services (Main) Examination but the annual income of the family should not exceed Rs.2.00lacs and the applicant should not be an employee either in state or central government. The number of attempts should not exceed three.

Free coaching in shorthand and type writing is also provided to them.

One time allowance of Rs.10000/- will be paid to law graduate of those communities for commencing their practice. Just like that tools and appliances also be provided to ITI holders. Iron boxes to those wha stars ironing. The top 10 best writers from those communities will be awarded Rs.20000/-.

Free hostel with other eminities like bed sheets, uniform etcc.. also be provided.

There are number prizes and awards to the meritorious students.   The complete details are available at their web. Link is provided hereunder.


Socio – Economic Development Activities :

The government has introduced a numerous schemes for up liftment of SC/St/ SCC in the state. Thed zist of the schemes provided hereunder.

  1. Removal untouchability,
  2. Assistance to SC/ST people affected by Riots
  3. Select Villages schemes
  4. Economic assistance through SHG by TAHDCO
  5. Land Purchase Scheme and Land Development Scheme.
  6. Entrepreneur Development Programme
  7. Self Employment Programme for Youth (SEPY)
  8. Fast Track power supply scheme
  9. The socio economic and educational Development of Scavengers
  10. House sites are provided at free of cost 3 cents in rural areas 1 ½ cents in Municipal area and 1 cent in Corporation areas.
  11. Houses are constructed and given to Tribals at free of cost under Indira Awaas Yojana Scheme
  12. Providing drinking water facilities to Adi Dravidar and Tribal Habitations
  13. Provision of Burial Grounds and pathways to Burial Grounds
  14. Link Roads are provided connecting the Adi Dravidar /Tribal habitation with the main roads / villages.
  15. Community Halls are constructed in Adi Dravidar / Tribal Habitation for conducting social functions like marriage etc
  16. A sum of Rs.2,500/- is given as subsidy for meeting expenses on funeral rites of poor Adi Dravidar/Tribal/Adi Dravidar converted to Christianity families.
  17. To improve the socio- economic and Educational Development of this minuscule “Puthirai Vannar” a sub-group of the community, the Govt. of Tamil Nadu established a Tamil Nadu Puthirai Vannar Welfare Board on 15.10.2009
  18. Abolition of Bonded Labour system
  19. Distribution of seeds, fertilizers, saplings to the tune of Rs.1000/- worth at free of cost.
  20. Subsidy for raising of mulberry plantation and rearing silk worms
  21. Construction of check dams etc. for Irrigation facilities at the areas where the tribals have their own lands
  22. Distribution of sheep Units, Milch animals, at free of cost and provision of health cover to the animals, artificial insemination etc
  23. Development of Agricultural lands held by Tribals in hilly and sloppy areas by providing Soil Conservation measures (Free of Cost)
  24. Supply of 10 Beehives at free of cost for collecting honey
  25. Providing saplings for afforestation and incentives to Tribals in Forest Operation.
  26. Providing interest free loan to tribals, provision of essential articles at reasonable price and marketing the Minor Forest produces to ensure better returns to the tribals through LAMP Societies.
  27. Provision of street lights to Tribal habitations.
  28. Provision of link road facilities to the tribal village connecting with plains or main villages
  29. Construction of free houses for tribals
  30. Vocational Guidance centre functioning at Udhagamandalam to the guidance of Tribal Youths for employment purposes.
  31. Employment opportunities to Educated Tribal Youths
  32. Tribals residing in Nilgiris District (Houses, Drinking Water facilities in Tribal hamlets & GTR schools, Additional Buildings to GTR schools etc., Community hall, computers, Driving licences, foot path and water supply etc.)
  33. Adi Dravidar & Tribal residing in the Districts (construction of compound walls & retaining walls, class rooms, kitchen to the GTR schools, road facilities, water supply and street lights etc.)
  34. The Tamil Nadu Tribal Welfare Board has been constituted for the over all development of the Tribals in the fields of Social Education and Economic conditions.
  35. To improve the Socio-Economic and Educational Development of Scavengers, the The Tamil Nadu Scavengers Welfare Board has been established

A table showing financial assistance given by all boards given under.

Sl. No Details of Assistance Assistance



1 Accident Insurance Scheme

A.      Death on Accident

B.      Handicapped



10,000 to 1,00,000

2 Assistance to Natural death 15,0000  
3 Assistance to Funeral rites 2,000  
4 Scholarship    
  A.      to study 10th Std. (for Girls alone) 1,000  
  B.      Pass in X Std 1,000  
  C.      to study XI Std. (for Girls alone) 1,000  
  D.      to study 12th Std. (for Girls alone) 1,500
  E.       Pass in 12th Std. 1,500
  F.       Regular Degree course Day Scholors 1,500 per annum


1,750 per annum

  G.     Regular Post-Graduate Day Scholors 2, 000 per annum


3,000 per annum

H.      Degree in Technical Education Day Scholors 2,000 per annum


4,000 per annum


  I.        P. G Degree in Technical Day Scholors 4,000 per annum Education


6,000 perr annum

  J.        ITI or Polytechnic Day Scholor 1,000 per annum


1,200 per annum

5 Assistance to Marriage   2,000 per annum
6 Maternity Assistance


1.       Maternity Assistance @ Rs.1,000/- per month.

2.       For Abortion






7 For Reimbursement to purchase of Spectacles   Up to 500
8 Old Age Pension   1,000 per month


The complete details of all the schemes regarding eligibility and approving authority were provided in the Citizen charter issued by Government of Tamilnadu. A link is provided to access the PDF file.

For more details click on https://cms.tn.gov.in/sites/default/files/schemes/adtw_56.pdf


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