Advit Foundation executed water conservation project in villages of Jaipur

  • Phagi is direst district of Jaipur where the only source of water is uncertain rainfall.
  • Majority of the ground water is used by Industries and there is no ground water 600 feet under
  • For water villager used have violent fights and high frequency of fluoride in water also led to several children becoming physically challenged
  • Advit Foundation is a not for profit development organisation based in Gurgaon and works on conservation of environment resources and livelihood enhancement.
  • Focused areas of Advit Foundations are water management, energy efficiency, skill development and environment education programs.
  • The Advit team visited the village and collected satellite data, land use and village level data and prepared the detail PRA maps were developed for each village.
  • For selected village team came up with Individual maps and topographic maps covering the project area were collected from respective agencies.
  • Organisations like IKEA, Coca Cola Foundation, Canara Bank, HSBC Bank, as well as local businessmen gave financial support for the project .
  • Team then began deepening the existing low-lying areas in this villages and constructing structures that would save the rainwater. Each of these structures cost less than Rs 7 lakh and each structure was completed in less than a month.
  • Then they instructed villages not to pump water from them and inculcated a sense of ownership and responsibility among the community towards the harvesting structures.
  • As a result 1km radius area around each structure got recharged, increased the soil moisture which intern increased cropping cycle and finally village had a peaceful environment.

Source: ET

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