Agricultural Engineering Schemes under taken by TNAU

In 1981, Agricultural Engineering Department was formed with an object to increasing the agricultural production. It is keenly working towards the conservation, development and management of the agricultural land and the water resources.

Tamil Nadu Agricultural Unit is under taking various programs. These programs are lead with an objective to stop land degradation and to improve the soil moisture for   better   crop   growth, to   improve   water usage for irrigation, to generate more income for farmers, to enhance ground water by  harvesting rain water, to improve the farm power availability, promoting newly developed farm machinery at reasonable hire charge to farmers.


Various Programs undertaken by TNAU

  • Agricultural Mechanization program to meet the challenges posed by non-availability of farm workers and increased cost of cultivation.
  • Custom Hiring of Agricultural Machinery to Farmers under subsidiary rate. An online booking system is also launched so that the farmers can know the availability of machinery and allotments. For more details on custom hiring please visit
  • Water Management Programs like Ground Water Recharge, Rain water harvesting are undertaken to increasing the efficiency and productive use of water.
  • Installing solar driers and powered pumping systems in order to increase the power availability to the farmers.
  • Training Programs to Farmers, between the age group of 18 to 40, on operation and maintenance of Agricultural machinery,
  • To know eligibility and benefits offered under these programs, refer to
  • TNAU portal also provides details of innovative methodologies used in farming by various farmers in order to overcome the challenges. The list of best practices in farming is available at

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