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Andhra Govt. To Train 1.5 Lakh Farmers in organic Farming

The state government of Andhra Pradesh is all set to train 1.5 lakh farmers in organic farming in the coming three years and the train farmers will be awarded with a certificate which will declare them as organic farmers. This training will facilitate the cultivators to sell their produce at higher prices. Accordingly 5,000 farmers will be trained between 24th and 31st January at Kakinada.

The main objective behind this training is to put an end to the extreme usage of chemical fertilizers and pesticides to opt more natural ways like cow dung in farming. Also, another key factor is to reduce expenditure in agriculture and to raise income of farmers.

Similar to Self-Help groups, the state government has also come up with a group of tenant farmers into “farmers club” to promote social investments thereby providing financial assistance to them from banks under group collateral security.

The state is also working towards creating agro-ecological mapping under which every village will have a map of the crops that are to be produced in accordance with the climatic conditions in the state to avoid crop damages and to help the farmers in producing more seasonal crops.

(Source: ET)

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