Annual Business Conclaves at XIMB: All Aspects of Business Finance and Operations Explored

12th August 2017, Bhubaneswar

X-FIN, the Finance Association of XIMB organized their annual business conclave “Finomics 2017” on 12th August 2017,Saturday, 2pm. The topic of discussion for the conclave was “Universal Basic Income: The elixir against inequality?”.

The conclave was opened by elucidating on the major aspects of the UBI – Universality, Conditionality and Agency. The first speaker of the day was Mr. Shaktikanta Das, Former Economist Affairs Secretary, Govt. Of India, who stressed on the need for effective utilization of resources and redefining of UBI in Indian context. Revival of the private sector and convergence of the existing development schemes were the suggested alternatives. The next speaker Dr. Shachichidanand Shukla, Chief economist, Mahindra & Mahindra, discussed about “Challenges World Economy faces” through a presentation stressed on Universal Basic Income’s implication on poverty. Mr Rahul Nainwal, Co-Founder of Cash Relief, one of the speakers , said “Through Cash Relief, one day Universal Basic Income becomes an elixir” The event concluded with a vote of thanks, given by Professor Banikanta Mishra.

X-Ops, the Operations Committee of XIMB organized their annual business conclave “Ashwamedh 2017” on 12th August 2017, Saturday, 9 am. The topic of discussion for the conclave was “Use of IoT for Operational Efficiency”. Mr. Ashutosh Mayank (Vice President-Lumis Partners) was the first speaker of the day. He asserted that we need to keep up with the various aspects of business to effectively implement IoT, saying “It’s not about getting benefits but it is about how fast you can get the benefits for the company.” The next speaker Mr. Venkatesh Subramanya spoke about how important IoT is for fixing the gaps in the system. Ms. Farhana Haque (Vice President – IoT Vodafone India)started the discussion saying that IoT is not the distant fantasy that we all had dreamt of in the past anymore, stating examples as Construction (JCB), secure payment methods (mSwipe) and Smart Cities. “The biggest driver of IoT is productivity which leads to operational efficiency”, she said. Other speakers were Mr. Swarup Mandal (Practice Head, Wipro Technologies), Mr. Sangeet Kumar (Co-Founder, Addverb) who gave rhetoric speech on IoT including various case scenarios. The speeches were followed by an interactive Q&A session. Prof. Arun Kumar Paul shared his insights and learnings with the audience. The event concluded with a vote of thanks proposed by Dr. Rahul Kumar, Assistant Professor, Decision Sciences.


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