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Arnab, Modi, Kejriwal, and Young Generation – What’s the Connection?

Why Arnab Goswami has highest TRP among English news channel anchors, why AAP is set to become ‘one click’ wonder child,  and why Modi won in 2014 and will win in 2019?

When I think about these presumably unconnected points, I find a pattern there.  Let us first talk about the pattern itself and the cause of underlying pattern latter.

Arnab Goswami, the most watched English news channel anchor has around 602% higher TRP than the nearest competitior1 as per latest BARC report and this is when he is most talked, presumably hated and laughed online by young social media savvy generation. TVF made a hit series just by making fun of Arnab (TVF Qtiyapa). So the thinkable question is- if young generation loves to make fun of Arnab yelling on TV, who is watching Arnab?  Not my father age people of course….not ladies by any chance….Children is big no-no….So obvious answer is “Young generation” only…..So though they make fun or hate the dog fight on the show, they watch because Arnab is raising questions of national interest, taking sides and positions on topics which were untouchable earlier. He asks questions in manner which a young educated frustrated person want to ask  our politicians and ministers on their face directly!

Source: 1 BARC|All India 1 Mn+|22+Males|All days, 24 hours|Wk 31 to Wk 36 2016|Impressions’000


(Source for pic:www.fakingnews.firstpost.com)

AAP, the full form- “Aam Aadmi party” ( the abbreviation and full form looks like having contradiction in themselves J ) which is in news these days ( they love to remain in news, whether good or bad) for all wrong reasons, came to power with unprecedented mandate and high hopes from all section of society.  The whole campaign of AAP during election in Delhi was majorly run over social media.

 Who was running those campaign, who were reading, reacting and watching those campaigns? Again the answer is “primarily young generation”. The foot soldiers were young generations.


(Image Source: vinaylal.wordpress.com)

Modi, our honorable PM, has 22.8M twitter follower, similar staggering figures on other social media sites. Again who follows social media- “Most young generation”. The type of Mandate he got cannot be without young generation support when 65% of our population is between 20-35 year brackets.

Caveat: I am nowhere intend to conclude that the above argument is absolute and the support of young generation is ‘the only’ reason for the success mentioned above. My only point is to point towards the trend which I feel is the primarily reason though there might be many other reasons as well but those may not be most significant ones.

Having establish the fact the all these presumably disconnected points looks to be connected via one common thread- “Support of Young Generation”, question to be asked is “ Why Young Generation?”

The only answer I can logically conclude or infer is “Young Generation(my, hopefully I can say so) is much more ‘nationalist’ than the previous generation (my father’s) because this young generation do not have “hesitation of past or history” ( a phrase hijacked from PM’s Speech)

Most of this generation is born after 80’s and they have not experience the pains of partition, humiliation of ‘65 (therefore fear of china), ‘71 or emergency of ‘75 or the cold war era. So these people do not look at Pakistan as “misguided young brother who will come home one day”, the way our father and grandfather generation saw Pakistan! Neither they have feeling of being inferior to china or any other nation and above all the feeling of “Capitalism (and thereby US) is evil”, the hangover of Nehruvian NAM philosophy and socialist policies.


(Image Source: www.thehindu.com)

This generation feels India is one nation. They don’t feel that Pakistan will come and join India one day. They believe that India and Pakistan are two different countries and take tough stand on why Pakistan keeps attacking India with terrorist or otherwise. They are vocal and more empowered than our previous generations. They feel that they can make change and they have say in government and its policies. Thus, they are more nationalist and feel proud as one nation.

So whether it is success of Arnab or AAP or PM Modi, it is the “NATIONALIST” theme which underlines the support of Youth and therefore their success. And I sincerely hope it remains so for coming generations too as then only we can become a more integrated nation with sense of pride which is so important for a nation to succeed.

Amit_Singh_IIMAAbout Author: Amit Singh is an alumni of IIT Roorkee and IIM Ahmedabad.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed within this article are the personal opinions of the author. The facts and opinions appearing in the article do not reflect the views of The Indian Iris and The Indian Iris does not assume any responsibility or liability for the same.

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