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UNSC: How Close India is?

India’s bid for permanent membership in United Nations Security Council (UNSC) got a big momentum on Monday after UN general assembly (UNGA) agreed to have a common negotiating text for Security Council reforms. But how close India is remains a speculative question and experts of global affairs say that still ...

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Roaring Tiger Bleeding Dragon

[tps_header]Roaring Tiger Bleeding Dragon[/tps_header] The recent devaluation of Yuan and crash of Chinese economy has led to the speculation that finally the dragon has started colliding under its own weight. Experts suggest that it might be a start of declination of Chinese economy. The proponents of tragic end foresee India ...

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European Refugee Crisis: Whom to Blame?

Migration is not a new phenomenon. Since the time of mystical gods, people migrated from one place to another place for food, shelter and better life. If it wouldn’t have been the case our civilization might had still centred in Africa. From time to time in history, people went to ...

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Understanding AP’s Industrial Policy 2015-20

AP’s Industrial Policy 2015-20 Overview The newly created Andhra Pradesh has become one of the best destinations in attracting FDIs, and the new government which is in a dire need of investments, presented an inclusive and business friendly industrial policy (IP) 2015-20. Since the Indian economic liberalization in 1990s, the ...

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Reservation Race for Being “Backward”

In the previous article – Reservation System in India: Historical Prospective – it was demonstrated that there is a lack of study on how much this policy has helped the different backward classes. The reservation policy had a simple goal to provide equal political, economic and social opportunities to all the sections of society. ...

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