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Bihar Startup Yatra: An initiative to foster state entrepreneurs

This is a regional initiative which includes entrepreneurs, business and community leaders and governments – committed to provide startups– access to tools and resources that will help them grow and making Bihar an entrepreneurship hub in the long run.  Bihar Startup Yatra (BSY) will collaborate with Department of Industries, Government of Bihar and Bihar Entrepreneurship Association (BEA) to effectively assist start-ups belonging to this state. This initiative is four years old but it has got momentum in 2014 only.

Bihar has been classified under the BIMARU state category for decades and the rampant migration of youths to other states in search of employment has motivated the founders to establish a platform where startups can be fostered. BSY provides start to end service to potential entrepreneurs. They provide a number of services which has been listed below:

  • Initial techniques of starting a business
  • Market report
  • Schemes related to an entrepreneur’s interest area: government and corporate schemes
  • An opportunity for networking with other successful enterprises
  • Innovative and disruptive technology will get priority
  • Toolkit for entrepreneur setup
  • 100 entrepreneurs from every district

This is one of the best opportunities for the entrepreneurs belonging to Bihar to convert their dreams into reality. After talking with Mr. Ajeet Kumar (contact person), we learned that the initiative is rolled out with full strength.

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    When Shri Modiji went to USA in Sept last , he visited Mark Zuckerberg ( Facebook ) and Elon Musk ( Tesla )

    Idea was to learn / find out :

    How to go about creating a ” Start Up Culture ” in India – similar to one prevailing in USA ?
    What shall NDA Government do to encourage hundreds of Start Ups to spring up in India ?

    We may never know what exactly they told Shri Modiji

    But , we can guess that it was somewhat along following lines :

    ” Let them alone . Get out of their way . ”

    My Suggestion :

    ” Enable them to start their ventures with just ONE / SINGLE / ONLINE registration , on web site of Income Tax Department by entering their Aadhar Number / Jan Dhan bank a/c Number , in order to get exempted from Corporate Income Tax / Personal Income Tax , for 10 years ”

    If such advice sounds somewhat ” Out of this World ” , here is proof of how US government goes about encouraging American Start Ups , by ” Getting Out of the Way ”

    By reversing decades old Space Law , last week , Barack Obama signed a bill that will allow Private US companies and US citizens , to mine asteroids / mine resources out of them / own the mined materials they find etc !
    Would you say, a giant step for ” Mankind ” or for ” American Start-Ups ” ?

    Idea is to :

    * Get rid of unnecessary regulations
    * Make it easier for private American Companies to explore Space-Resources commercially
    * Unleash America’s imagination : De-limit America’s horizons

    What should be a simple ” definition ” of a Start Up in India ?

    ” Any person who is not a salaried employee of another person or Organization and wants to become self employed ”

    If my suggestion gets implemented , none of those 12 million Indians joining our work-force every year , would want a salaried job !

    If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.
    – Albert Einstein

    hemen parekh
    02 Dec 2015

  2. i want to start a goad firm . regarding this i need guidelines from govt.

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