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Bio Energy Programme: Uttarakhand

Family Size Biogas Plants

MNRE is providing a subsidy on family size biogas plants under National Biogas Manure Management Programme (NBMMP). Biogas Plants capacity ranging 1, 2-4 Cu-m capacity is to be installed under this programme. CFA @ 50% of plant cost maximum Rs. 4000/- for 1 Cu-m plant and    Rs. 10,000/- per plant for 2-4 cum capacity is admissible under the scheme.

Rs. 1500/- per plant is admissible to Turn-key agent for supervision, monitoring of plant during construction and 5 years afterwards.  University of Petroleum and Energy Studies (UPES), Dehradun has been designated as Biogas Development and Training Centre (BDTC) by MNRE for providing training and other logistical support to the personnel engaged in Biogas Programme.

Institutional Biogas Based Power Generation Programme

UREDA has commissioned 2 Institutional biogas based power generation project at village Shyampur and Kalshi of Dehradun under scheme “Biogas based distributed / grid power generation” of Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE), Govt. of India with a view to promote biogas based power generation project in the farms where large quantity of animal wastes is available.

Pine Needles Based Biomass Gasifier “A Pilot Project”

The total area of Pine Forest in reserve forest in Uttarakhand is about 3.43 Lakh Hectare. These Pine forests in Uttarakhand produces about 20.58 lakhs tones dry biomass (pine needle) annually. Since carriage of pine needle is not easy, hence if we consider the carriage of pine needles from the pine forests which are near to habitation or near the road head than approximately 40% of the biomass can be transported. Hence we can hope to get about 8.23 lakh tones every year and about 0.80 lakh tones pine needles is available in Van Panchayat and Civil Soyam Forest. The quantity of lantana can be taken as 2 Qtls/Hectare in reserve forest and in protected areas such as Rajaji National Park and Corbet National Park, the average yield of lantana is about 10 tons/Hectare.

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