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Biotechnology policy of Madhya Pradesh

Name of the policy :
Madhya Pradesh Biotechnology Policy.
Objects :
To best utilize the existing biotech resources in a sustainable method.
Depending up on climatic conditions of the regions to research and to produce high yielding seeds free from pests.
Improvement of breeds of live stock and poultry suitable to the state.
Increasing the cultivation of medicinal plants and aroma.
Promoting eco friendly and pollution free technology and management of urban waste and effluents.
Save and improve the species which are having threat of disappearance.
Steps proposed to achieve the objects :
To encourage research based education on biotechnology.
To take the biotech to the grass roots of the village by educating the farmers ‘ communities.
To establish number of biotech parks in the state.
To bring all the organs and institutions working for improvement of biotech under one network.
Opportunities for intervention of biotechnology in the state :
1. Agriculture, Animal Husbandry
2. Forests
3. Medicinal and Aromatic Plants
4. Health and Medical Biotechnology
5. Environment protection and Bio-energy
6. Traditional Knowledge and Wisdom, and Awareness Generation
7. Community Biotechnology Applications
8. Education and Training
9. Research and Development
10. Promotion of Biotechnology Industry
11. Strategic Initiatives like promoting Biotech parks and ESZ
For more information visit :

Click to access bt%20policy%202-5-2003.pdf

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