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Budhist & Tibetan Culture Arts

Objective: To give financial assistance to the voluntary Buddhist/Tibetan organizations including Monasteries engaged in the propagation and scientific development of Buddhist/Tibetan culture, tradition and research in related fields.

Eligibility Criteria:

  1. The voluntary Institutions/Organizations and Societies should be registered as a Society under the Societies Registration Act (XXI of 1860) or similar Acts.
  2. Only those Organizations which are mainly devoted to Buddhist/ Tibetan studies and have been functioning at least for the last three years will qualify for applying for a grant.
  3. The Organization should be of regional or all-India character;
  4. The grants will be ad-hoc and of a non-recurring nature;
  5. Grants from this scheme will be given only to those organizations which are not in receipt of grants from any other source for similar purposes.
  6. Financial assistance may also be given for construction of hostel building, class rooms, school buildings and training centres ; and
  7. Organizations which are doing good work in the field and having resources for meeting matching funds will be given preference.

Quantum of Assistance:

  • Financial assistance is given for all or any of the items listed below upto a maximum of Rs.30.00 lakhs per year for any single organization.
S. No. Items Maximum Amount per annum
        I.              Maintenance (Salary of staff, Off. Exp/Misc. exp) Rs.5,00,000/-
      II.              Research Project on promotion of Buddhist/Tibetan Art and Culture Rs.2,00,000/-
    III.              Purchase of books, documentation and cataloguing relating to Buddhism Rs.5,00,000/
    IV.              Award of scholarships to monk/nunnery students Rs.5,00,000/
      V.              Holding of special courses on promotion of Buddhist/Tibetan Art and Culture Rs.2,00,000/-
    VI.              Audio- Visual Recording/Documentation/ Archiving of the traditional materials for preservation and dissemination of Buddhist Art & Culture Rs.5,00,000/
  VII.              IT upgradation and IT-enabled Teaching/ Training aids for monastic/nunnery schools Rs.5,00,000/
VIII.              Transport facilities for monastic/nunnery schools and monasteries located in remote areas Rs.5,00,000/
    IX.              Salary of teachers where organization is running a school imparting monastic/ nunnery education Rs.5,00,000/
      X.              Repairs, restoration, renovation of ancient monasteries and Heritage Buildings associated with Buddhism Rs.30,00,000/-
    XI.              Construction/Repairs/Extension with toilet and drinking water for Class Rooms, School Buildings, Hostels and Training Centres which are focused on Buddhist/ Tibetan Art and Culture as well as skill development of traditional craft for monastic/nunnery school


  • The maximum grant admissible to an organization would be 75% of the total expenditure to be incurred on any item subject to maximum ceiling fixed. The remaining 25% expenditure or more should be met by the State Govt./U.T. Administration failing which the grantee organization could contribute the amount from their own resources. However, in the case of North-Eastern States and Sikkim, funding will be shared between the Government of India and the State Government in the ratio of 90:10 respectively failing which the grantee organization could contribute from their own resources.

Special Provision:

The Expert Advisory Committee on the scheme is empowered to recommend or reject any proposal received without or with the recommendation of State Government/U.T. administration/ Local Administration and also to recommend the amount beyond the maximum limit but not exceeding Rs.1.00 crore from this scheme. In respect of any proposal which is of outstanding merit for which the EAC feels that the maximum limit would not be sufficient for undertaking the said project, with the approval of Minister (Culture) and concurrence of AS&FA, Ministry of Culture. However, in each such case, detailed justification would be given by EAC for exceeding the limit of Rs. 30.00 lakhs.

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