Bank Deposit Scheme

Pension for small retail traders and shopkeepers: Approved

The Union Cabinet has approved a monthly pension scheme for small retail traders and shopkeepers. All small shopkeepers, retail traders and self-employed persons are assured a minimum of Rs.3,000 monthly pension after attaining 60 years of age. The scheme offers pension coverage to the trading community It covers 3 crore ...

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SBI Multi-Option Deposit Scheme

SBI’s multi-option deposit scheme (MODS), a type of fixed deposit (FD) or term deposit scheme, is linked to the savings or current account of an individual. Unlike normal fixed deposits which are fully liquidated anytime you need funds; you can withdraw in multiples of Rs. 1,000 from MODS account, according to your need, as ...

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SBI Annuity Deposit Scheme: Details that you should be aware of

SBI or State Bank of India offers annuity deposit account, which is a variant of fixed depositor term deposit. This account enables the depositor to pay a one-time lump sum amount and receive the same in equated monthly instalments (EMIs), comprising a part of the principal amount as well as interest on the ...

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