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UNSC: How Close India is?

India’s bid for permanent membership in United Nations Security Council (UNSC) got a big momentum on Monday after UN general assembly (UNGA) agreed to have a common negotiating text for Security Council reforms. But how close India is remains a speculative question and experts of global affairs say that still ...

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Roaring Tiger Bleeding Dragon

[tps_header]Roaring Tiger Bleeding Dragon[/tps_header] The recent devaluation of Yuan and crash of Chinese economy has led to the speculation that finally the dragon has started colliding under its own weight. Experts suggest that it might be a start of declination of Chinese economy. The proponents of tragic end foresee India ...

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European Refugee Crisis: Whom to Blame?

Migration is not a new phenomenon. Since the time of mystical gods, people migrated from one place to another place for food, shelter and better life. If it wouldn’t have been the case our civilization might had still centred in Africa. From time to time in history, people went to ...

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BGREI – Replicate Success, not Shortcomings

The so-called “Green Revolution” that ushered in an era of self-sufficiency of food grains in India since the 1970s, has started succumbing to the pressures of technology fatigue, degradation of soil and water resources and adverse effects on health of farmers due to increased exposure to harmful agricultural chemicals. At ...

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Naidu’s New Formula of Land Acquisition – Land Pooling

Chandrababu Naidu government approaches the issue of land acquisition in a different way, providing a better deal under the new scheme of  “Land-Pooling”. Center government may draw some ques from this and address concerns raised by the farmers and other organisations.  The Indian Iris Research Team looks into it.. Background On June 2, 2014, a ...

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On what basis are the 98 smart cities shortlisted ?

“Is there a political motive? Am I living in a financially backward state? Probably my CM/local leader  doesn’t have a voice”. We have heard these since the list came out.  Lets evaluate it ourselves now!! The Union government has unveiled a list of 98 cities with Uttar Pradesh taking the ...

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Reservations in India : a Historical Perspective

How reservation in India has evolved? Reservation is the process of setting aside a certain number of seats in government institutions for the backward/unrepresented communities. The constitutional definition of ‘backward’ has not yet been clear, and hence people from different communities from time to time want to materialize this ambiguity in their favour. ...

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