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Make in India: Defense Industry

India is surrounded by two military powerful countries Pakistan and China, and building a strong defense force is imperative for the country. India is counted as one of the super-powers in Asia region. It has second largest standing army in the world and possesses a potential to become a formidable ...

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What does the deal with Iran mean for India?

Authors: Avanish Verma & Anurag Singhal           The historic Iran deal between Tehran and the six world powers led to a surge of positive sentiments for the Indian economy. The accord blocks Iran’s pathways to assembling a nuclear weapon on short order in return for lifting most ...

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The Devaluation of Chinese Currency

Author:  Nachiket Nishant, M.A in Politics and International Relations The Devaluation of Chinese Currency Currencies in Asia tumbled and stock markets fell through Asia after the sudden devaluation of yuan on Thursday. The South East Asian countries were hit hard, and Indian rupees further fallen against dollar.  Chinese currency – ...

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eHealth: Digital India’s Way to Better Health Services

  Author – Amitesh Tyagi,   Alumni IIM Ahmedabad and Co-Founder IndiaLetsPlay   One of the key initiatives of Digital India is e-Health – to unleash the power of technology for better health, better medication, better facilities and so better lives and to make it available to the farthest corner of ...

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Digital India – Building a Digital Face of Bharat

  Author – Amitesh Tyagi,   Alumni IIM Ahmedabad and Co-Founder IndiaLetsPlay   Tectonic Shifts as India embraces tomorrow today Not so long ago in the history of India was it labeled as a country of snake charmers and elephants. Till as late as early 90’s most in the world assumed ...

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