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Exchange of information and evidences on fast track mode: CBI FBI ties

India and US are coming closure and working to finalize the mutual legal assistance treaties (MLAT) to speed up the exchange of information and evi8dences in legal matters.

Presently it is taking a long time at an average of 40months. The information is mainly shared online.

CBI has already established a centralized unit with seven members who are going to be trained in US, on the other hand 12 members are already working on it in FBI and several rounds of training already completed.

The team will be doubled shortly in FBI. India has already entered in to such treaties with 39 countries including USA with whom India has entered I n to agreement since 2005.

There two main reasons for delay from Indian side. Firstly, the delay in obtention of permissions from home department and secondly the information requires technicalities or not in correct format.

MLAT is highly effective and efficient but the people working are not properly trained up to uti9lize the MLAT properly. In number of case MLAT used effectively and cases solved.

Source:- Economic Times

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