Coal Policy – Making India 3rd largest polluter across the World

  • India’s aim to open a mine per month to double its output by2020 and to become largest producer in Asian region in the next five years defeats the ambition of the world environmentalists to contain global warming.
  • While close to 200 countries are going to meet at a UN summit commencing from 30th Nov to curb fossil fuel and to content green gases India is relying more upon renewable energy by making more investments in this sector but China has promised to reduce government investment in this sector.
  • Asian countries i.e. India, China and Indonesia burn 71% world’s mined coal. As other Asian nations like Pakistan, Phliphines and veitnam are also looking for new mines which pushing Asian region 80% of new coal mines.
  • Most economies especially in Asian region including developing countries too depending on coal exports and using it as energy sources since decades.
  • The United Nations has agreed a goal of keeping warming below a ceiling of 2 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels to avoid the worst impact of climate change including more droughts, extinctions, floods and rising seas.
  • Adhering to the set goal emissions started falling but India’s emission of green gasses will be to peak. But India plea that it will modernize all its old power plants and plant trees to absorb three billion tones carbon dioxide. However India cannot go away from coal for its high demand of energy.
  • During last month India dug a coal mine under open cast which requires clearing of more than 44500 acres of land, noisy excavators and busy digging just to feed a huge power plant going to be set up nearby. If all the plans to dig new mines executed successfully in the next five years India will become the second largest emitter of green gases

Source : Economic Times

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