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Consumers are forgoing their subsidy under ‘Give It Up’


  • In a countrywide door-to-door campaign launched by the oil marketers, LPG subsidy daily is been surrendered by 30,000 to 40,000 households daily.
  • By August 15th , the number of households surrendering subsidy reached to 22.57 lakh.
  • The real test will be when prices rise and the subsidy gap widens to Rs 400-600 per cylinder. The subsidy had risen to Rs 800 during oil’s peak run in the 2008-09 period.
  • With the three oil marketing companies, there are 15.3 crore LPG-consuming households registered and 14 crore have joined Pahal and Rs 23,848.32 crore has been transferred by way of subsidy.
  • Government has set a target of getting a crore households to give up subsidy.

Source: ET

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