Counter-infiltration grid to control the entry of militants into Kashmir


  • Counter-infiltration grid along the Line of Control (LoC) brought intelligence coordination and strengthened various agencies.
  • Lt Gen Subrata Saha told that counter-infiltration grid evolved over the years and this year they improved the coordination with regard to intelligence. Some changes are brought in surveillance grid. Since May 27,  11 attempts  and 19 terrorists trying to infiltrate have been eliminated.
  • He also said there is a drop in recruitment of young boys into militants comparing with recruitment happened in 2014.
  • The army commander gave the entire credit to the parents for their return and says that all the agencies should take the responsibility to provide opportunities to engage them in terms of education, employment, empowerment and engagement.
  • The main reason for the drop in recruitment in 2014-15 is the organization of sports leagues in different parts of Kashmir. Thousands of players have participated and many thousand have watched as spectators. Then there are specific empowerment initiatives, capacity building initiatives in terms of taking them on much focused tours. That created employment.

Source :ET

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