Cultural Heritage Youth Leadership Programme

Name of the scheme: Cultural Heritage Youth Leadership Programme

Purpose: Scheme is to enrich the awareness of culture amongst youth, in order to promote cultural awareness; mutual understanding and respect, as also to develop a love for India’s rich heritage, with a view to developing appropriate leadership qualities amongst youth.


Approved Implementing Agencies-

  • Any cultural institutions under the Ministry of Culture or a voluntary organization (such as registered societies, trusts etc.) may apply for being included in the list of approved implementing agencies.
  • Such inclusion in the list may be on a long term basis or for a specific term/activity, as approved by the Expert Appraisal Committee.
  • A list of ‘approved implementing agencies’ as amended from time to time, will be uploaded on the website of the Ministry of Culture.
  • Approved Implementing Agencies can establish their own decentralized mechanism to work directly with the schools/colleges/youth organizations and to ensure that participation of young persons receives the encouragement that it deserves.

Eligible institutions-

  • Any school, college or a voluntary organization in the cultural field working directly with the children (such as Registered Societies, Trusts etc.) may apply for inclusion in the list of ‘eligible institutions’ for conducting visits to museums/art galleries/monuments (or a combination thereof) and/or for viewing/ participation in theatre/dance/music performances etc.
  • Inclusion in the list of ‘eligible institutions’ would generally be for a specific activity/year, though in special circumstances, the EAC may permit the inclusion on a longer term basis.
  • In addition to this, the ‘approved implementing agencies’ may identify and work with schools/colleges that fulfil the eligibility conditions without making a reference to the EAC for their inclusion in the list, provided all other conditions are met.

Financial Assistance:

SL No Activity Maximum Financial Assistance admissible
    For approved implementing agencies For eligible institutions
  Distribution of existing AV material Rs. 10,000 per institution for a specified number of such institutions per year NIL
  Projection equipment including purchase of CD/DVD players NIL Rs. 80,000
  Production of new AV material including publications related to culture Rs. 3 lakh per new publication (2,000 copies) and Rs. 2 lakh per reprint (2,000 copies).
Rs. 2 lakh for producing new AV material (30-minute duration) and Rs. 1 lakh for production of CD/DVD (2,000 copies)
  Visits of under-privileged students Rs. 10 lakh per year for regional coverage and Rs. 30 lakh for national coverage (comprising at least three regions) Up to Rs. 500 per young person for a maximum of 200 such persons per institution. The limit of Rs. 500 can be exceeded in exceptional circumstances

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