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Development of Markets for Sales Improvement of Fish

Name of the Scheme :
Creation of fish markets for promotion of fish sales
Objectives of the Scheme :
Boosting up the sales of fish by providing best markets with all infrastructure needed and making available best quality fish both in urban and rural markets.
Applicable Area of the Scheme :
All districts in the state
Plan Implementation Process:
1. Authorities of fisheries Department will estimate the demand for fish in each market per day .
2. With the approval of the Fisheries Department, local bodies will prepare and submit estimates for construction of markets along with site plan at identified locality.
3.Local bodies will undertake the construction activity of the market with the funds provided by the Department of Fisheries.
4. The allotment of the shops in the constructed market shall be done by the local body and the department of fisheries jointly.
Amount of Grant
Construction of fish market is done with hundred percent grant
Other Information:
The scheme is in operation since the year 2012 in all Districts of the State
For More Information : https://www.mp.gov.in/web/fisheries/state-scheme3

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