Digital certificates for pensioners

  • Union Minister Jitendra Singh said a new pension portal will be functional very soon to facilitate 56 lakhs of pensioners in getting digital life certificates and other beneficiary features
  • The portal is embedded with features like Uploading biometric details like fingerprints from anywhere through internet and linking Aadhaar number with the life certificate.
  • Bank disbursing pension can also access the portal for getting digital life certificate.
  • Pensioners can opt for submitting hard copy of life certificate to the pension disbursing banks.
  • A pensioner should a visit bank annually for submission of life certificates to ensure continuation of his pension.
  • Minister said that government is also promoting self-attestation of documents.
  • He said ‘maximum governance, minimum government’ is the object of government.
  • He also said government is working towards the process of identifying posts where interviews for selection or appointment can be discontinued and the other is Prime Minister’s ‘Startup India, Standup India’ idea.


Source: NITI Central

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