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E-Mail Policy: Government of India

The Government uses e-mail as a source of communication and distribute the information within India and to the outside world. Communication include Government of India (GoI) data that travel as part of mail transactions between users.The E-Mail Policy, Government of India lays down the guidelines with respect to use of e-mail services.


  • Ensure secure access and usage of Government of India e-mail services by its users.
  • Use of mail resource in an efficient, effective, lawful and ethical manner.
  • To provide services under e-mail for free of cost to all officials under Ministries / Departments / Statutory Bodies / Autonomous bodies.

Basic Features of E-Mail Policy:

  • Security– All organizations, except those exempted under clause 14 of this policy, should migrate their e-mail services to the centralized deployment of the IA for security reasons and uniform policy enforcement.
  • Use of Digital Signature Certificate and encryption shall be mandatory for sending e-mails.
  • Users shall not download e-mails from their official e-mail account, configured on the GoI mail server
  • E-mail Account Management– Create two ids, one based on the designation and the other based on the name. Designation based id’s are recommended for officers dealing with the public.
  • Delegated Admin Console
  • E-mail Domain & Virtual Hosting– GoI provides virtual domain hosting for e-mail.
  • Use of Secure Passwords
  • Privacy

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