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Educational Schemes in Gujarat

Vidyadeep Scheme

The state Govt. has introduced this scheme in memory of the students died in earthquake on 26th January, 2001.

Every Student Studying in the school or college may avail benefit of this scheme.

The main object of this scheme is to provide financial assistance to the guardians whose children have died.

The scheme provides protection of round the clock insurance to the students studying in the Govt. Primary School, Grant-in-aid primary school, Ashram School, secondary and higher secondary school.

The premium of this scheme is paid by the Govt.

The guardian is paid the amount as under upon death of his child.

The student of Primary School: Rs. 50,000.00/-

The student of secondary and Higher – Secondary school Rs. 50,000.00/-


VidyaLaxmi Yojana

Vidya Laxmi scheme implemented at Village level to enhance the Girl’s education.

In the scheme covered those villages in which the literate rate of Female is less then 35%.

In the scheme, the Narmada Nidhi’s bond of Rupee 2000 provided to the girls enrolled in the standard 1st and paid with interest to the girls after completion of standard 8th.

Under the scheme, Narmada Nidhi’s bond of Rupee 2000 provided to the girls belonging to the families under the poverty line at the time of taking admission in the standard 1st in the urban area.


Nirogi Bal

Government ensures on Nirogi Bal scheme along with Bal Pravesh as Health is a prime concern of the child while it attends the classroom. Literacy to Health with Nirogi Bal is announced for 2008-09 with mass movement for Safe Health with impact to Social Development of Gujarat. It ensures universal reach and delivery of quality health services. It also make certain of quality nutrition and growth through effective implementation of Mamta Abhiyan. One of the many goals is to guarantee Elementary Education and Life Skills Education for all children.


Bal Pravesh

Government schemes like Bal Pravesh and Nirogi Bal is also made a part of the Kanya Kelavani campaign.

Government ensures ‘Literacy 100% in rural areas as it encourages Bal Pravesh (Child Admissions) by providing Admission forms and enrolling over 525,000 girls in the state in Kanya Kelavani drive. The Ministers, beauracrats and other Government officials motivate, encourage and inspire the parents to enroll their children for Education as it is a prime factor to combat poverty.

To ensure co-operation and enhance better quality of food with nutrition, the officials even share the food with children under ‘Mid Day Meal’ schemes which was started by the Government as the second state in the country, committed to social integration and social up-liftment.

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