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Family Planning Indemnity Scheme (FPIS)- 2013

Under the Family Planning Indemnity Scheme, States/UTs would process and make payment of claims to accepters of sterilization in the event of death/failures/complications/Indemnity cover to doctors/health facilities. It is envisaged that States/UTs would make suitable budget provisions for implementation of the scheme through their respective State/ UT Program Implementation Plans (PIPs).


Section Coverage Limits
IA Death following sterilization in hospital or within 7 days from the date of discharge from the hospital. Rs. 2 lakh.
IB Death following sterilization within 8 – 30 days from the date of discharge from the hospital Rs. 50,000/-
IC Failure of Sterilization Rs 30,000/-
ID Cost of treatment in hospital and upto 60 days arising out of complication following sterilization operation (inclusive of complication during process of sterilization operation) from the date of discharge. Actual not exceeding Rs 25,000/-
II Indemnity per Doctor/Health Facilities but not more than 4 in a year. Upto Rs. 2 Lakh per claim


Eligible beneficiaries/ Doctors/ Health Services Providers:

  1. All persons undergoing sterilization operations and signed the Consent Form are covered under Section IA, IB, IC and ID.
  2. All the Doctors/Health Facilities including Doctors/Health Facilities of Central, State, Local-Self Governments, other Public Sectors and all the Accredited Doctors/Health Facilities of Non-Government and Private Sectors rendering Family Planning Services and conducting such operations shall be indemnified against the claims arising on them out of failure of sterilization, death or medical complication resulting there from upto a maximum amount of Rs. 2 lakh per doctor/health facility per case, maximum upto 4 cases per doctor/health facility per year . The cover would also include the legal costs and actual modality of defending the prosecuted doctor/health facility in Court, which would be borne by the respective State/UTs within the limits of Section II.

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