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Financial Aid for Silicosis Treatment: Rajasthan Government

Construction workers have their job in the area where there is a lot of dust and dirt particles near them. These particles are when inhaled in the human body through nose or mouth create problems by reaching in to the lungs. Although nose filters most of the impurities in air but they also are harmful for the lungs. This leads to a disease named Silicosis. The financial aid which will be granted to the workers suffering from silicosis and key features of the scheme are enlisted below:


  • Construction worker should be a registered employee under the Board.
  • Certification of silicosis from Pneumoconiosis Medical Board.
  • Beneficiary should not be getting subsidy from Rajasthan Environment Cess Fund (REHAB).
  • Those labours on whom Mines Act, 1952 provisions apply will not be eligible.

Application Deadline:

  • In case of Illness: Within 6 months of discharge from the hospital.
  • In case of Death: Within 6 months of death.


  • Financial Grant of 1 Lakh rupees for worker suffering from silicosis.
  • Financial Grant of Rs. 3 lakhs on death due to silicosis.

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