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Financial Assistance to Person Indulged in Traditional Occupation


The objective of the Scheme is to provide Social Security and financial support for healthy living to the persons engaged in occupations/businesses who earn their livelihood and continue to do so even today through traditional occupations/businesses including Motor Cycle Pilots.


  • The applicant shall be of Goan Origin.
  • The family income of the applicant from all sources shall not exceed Rs.1.50 Lakh per annum.
  • The applicant shall not be less than 50 years of age.
  • The applicant should be engaged in the traditional occupations/businesses/Motor cycle Pilot activities for at least 10 years and still continuing it before applying for financial assistance under this scheme.


  • Under the scheme an amount of Rs. 1000/ per month will be provided by the Government to the eligible persons through the Directorate of Social Welfare.

Valid till: 20-12-2017

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