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Fish Production in Departmental Reservoirs

Objectives :
Utilizing Departmental Reservoirs to provide services for Fish Seed production, Breeding Aggregation and Training . To strengthen the financial conditions of the members of the committee allowing fishing through Title fees system in the reservoirs which are developed for this purpose.
Process Involved:
The interested fishermen cooperative group should apply to the district level Asst, Fisheries Officer by clearly highlighting the following points in their application.

1.Whether the society is performing and active.
2. Plans of committee group.
3. List of members of committee group who will undertake fishing in said reservoir.
4. Whether the activity proposed is according to rate of departmental title fee and policy guidelines
5. Consent to deposit the required security amount before the execution of contract and fishing in the allotted reservoir by the members who got identity cards and to deposit the advance royalty..
6. Undertaking that toe weigh the fishes every day at the scheduled time and to record in fishing register.
7.Declaration to adhere to the Rules of M.P. Fisheries Act – 1948, with out any deviation.

Eligibility :
Member of a Performing and active Committee / Group.

Duration of Training –> 10 Days.
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