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Fisherman Corpus Fund: Goa

Department of fisheries, Goa Government, has a scheme “Fisherman Corpus Fund” of its native fishermen.


  • To look after the well being of the farmers in adverse conditions.
  • To support and strengthen the fishermen to standby back on their feet and carry out their fishing activities by giving them relief compensation to damage losses occurred due to natural calamities.  


  • All the Fishermen having their fishing vessels registered under Marine Fishing Regulation Act and who contribute annual fees to the corpus fund created by the Government
  • Non contributing individual or owner/fishermen will not be entitled to claim the benefit/assistance under the said scheme.
  • In case the fishermen/individual is partially contributing under the said Corpus Fund shall get benefit in proportion of the contribution which will be decided by the Managing Committee Constitutes as per clause 5 of the “Fishermen Corpus Relief Fund”.


Capital fund is generated for the Fishermen collectively and  the funds are generated and kept for the existence and sustenance of the organisation.

How to Apply

  • The beneficiary has to obtain the prescribed application form from the office of the Directorate of Fisheries, Panaji, Block Development Officer of respective Taluka/Fisheries Surveyor of Fisheries working in the concerned Panchayat.
  • The form duly filled alongwith the required documents has to be forwarded to the F.O/F.S of Fisheries.

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