Government is trying to revive FDI inflow


  • After announcing “MAKE IN India” and easing the norms for FDI in most of the sectors, the FDI inflow increased by 54% and reverted the declining trend.
  • While manufacturing has seen a revival, the financial services have witnessed the maximum jump among the major sectors and the FDI in the sector rose 200 per cent from $1.02 billion in FY14 to $3.07 billion in FY15.
  • The other major gainer was the computer services industry which saw FDI rise by1 30 per cent from $934 million to $2.15 billion in the same period.
  • The aggregate FDI inflow rose to $24.7 billion from $16billiondurunf financial year 2015.
  • Mauritus lost it supreme position during 13-14 due to fears related to General Anti-Avoidance Rule (GAAR) and a decision to defer it by two years during budget speech in 2015 the finance minister Arun Jaitley, has improved the investment sentiment.

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