Government Plans to Revamp the old Thermal Power Stations

  • Government is planning to replace old underperforming units with modernized big plants to increasing production of Thermal Power
  • It is estimated that a total capacity of about 36,000 mw in the country is more than 25 years old and government is planning to replace them with new modernized super critical units with enhanced capacities.
  • More than 100 units with installed capacity ranging between 60mw to 220mw to be replaced with 30plus new super critical units with installed capacity ranging between 660 and 800mw.
  • All existing permissions and allotments of coal and other infrastructure will be transferred to new units
  • About 40000crores will be saved in acquisition of land and development of other infrastructure.
  • The estimated expenditure is 70000 crore for the proposed replacement of thermal units.

Source: ET

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