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Government’s Proposed Scheme for Entrepreneurship Development

The Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship is currently developing a scheme to promote entrepreneurship. The proposed scheme is designed based on various categories.

The Scheme-

The proposed scheme under discussion will have following features-

Educate and equip potential and early stage entrepreneurs in India:

  • The ministry is planning to partner with various experts to establish a world-class entrepreneurship education curriculum.
  • This curriculum will be made available for budding entrepreneurs at free of cost.
  • With the power of e-Learning, aspiring entrepreneurs can take up courses as per their convenience through Massively Open Online Courses (MOOCs).
  • Also, entrepreneurship education will be incorporated into the mainstream study in approximately 3,000 colleges around the country.
  • Lastly, potential and existing entrepreneurs will be targeted for entrepreneurship education module through 50 Nodal Entrepreneurship Hubs (E-Hubs), across the country.

Connect entrepreneurs to peers, mentors, incubators:

  • In a bid to support budding lot of entrepreneurs, a mobile and web based platform connecting the whole entrepreneurial ecosystem will be established.
  • The platform members will have access to contents online like information on all government schemes and policies and other services.
  • Entrepreneurial activities especially in innovation and cutting edge technology areas will be made align with central initiatives like Atal Innovation Mission (AIM) and Self-Employment Talent Utilization (SETU).
  • New incubators will be encouraged and a national network of incubators and accelerators will be set-up to support aspiring entrepreneurs.
  • Also, it is proposed that a nation-wide network of mentors will be created to support young entrepreneurs.

Support entrepreneurs through E-Hubs:

  • The ministry plans to support entrepreneurs through coordinated delivery of government entrepreneurship programs, both central and states, by creating a national network of Entrepreneurship Hubs or E-Hubs.
  • One national, 30 state governments’, 50 Nodal and 3,000 colleges based E-Hubs will be created.

Catalyze a culture shift to encourage entrepreneurship:

  • National and state level meetings with stakeholders will be convened to promote entrepreneurship.
  • Also, international links will also be established through internship programmes as well as exchange trips to global entrepreneurship hubs in Silicon Valley and Israel.
  • Simultaneously, national brand ambassadors will be created to instill entrepreneurship culture in the country.
  • Awards will also be given to young achievers and a National Entrepreneurship Day will also be celebrated.

Encouraging Minority Entrepreneurs:

  • Special focus will be given to SC/ST/Differently abled as well as regionally under-represented areas especially North-Eastern parts of India in entrepreneurship programmes.
  • Special efforts will also be made to include incubators and accelerators to mentor these people to boost the national eco-system.

Promote entrepreneurship among women:

  • Special focus will also be given to encourage women entrepreneurs by providing good specific incentives for women owned establishments under public procurement process.
  • The proposed scheme will make sure that gender neutrality is maintained in incubation centers.

Foster social entrepreneurship and grassroots innovations:

  • Universities and academic institutes will be encouraged to launch a course on ‘Social Entrepreneurship’ including through distance education to promote social entrepreneurship in the country.
  • Adequate fiscal incentives and incubation will also be provided.
  • Also, to foster grass-roots innovation, specific focus will be given to innovations in hubs through collaborating with organizations such as National Innovation Foundation and promotion of Intellectual Property Rights will also be encouraged.

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