Govt launches soil testing scheme to develop new manure, fertilizers

Panaji: Citing high rainfall as one of the reason for the high acidity in the soil content of the state, the department of agriculture has launched a scheme for farmers to get the soil from their farms, tested.

The department of agriculture has launched the scheme to develop different kind of manure and fertilizers in the state, and the scheme is likely to be available till the monsoon.

“Due to high rainfall, the soils are acidic and deficient in various nutrients and minerals essential for healthy crop. Soil sample analysis helps in determining the soil fertility status which assists soil improvements,” the government notification reads, and that farm livestock will be effectively used to produce renewable energy.

The move has been initiated to address pH (a figure to express the acidity), nutrient deficiencies and better management of livestock waste so that it is used to produce biogas. The scheme will also help farmers in conversion of available organic waste into chemical free organic manure and vermin-compost units.

“Any farmer having a krishi card, cultivating minimum of 0.1 hectare is eligible for the benefits of the scheme. However, there will be no limitation for analysis of soil samples, construction of biogas plants and construction of vermin-compost units,” the notification states.

The soil samples received from the farmers will be analysed in the soil testing labs at Ela, Old Goa or Margao. A ‘soil health’ card will be issued with soil fertility details and will provide an advisory on soil test based on the use of fertilizers and the crop under cultivation.

The scheme would also entitle farmers to buy soil conditioners like rock phosphate, agriculture lime and dolomite at 75% subsidy. The subsidy will be released after the farmer has used the conditioner in the field. Similarly, micronutrients will also be supplied at 75% subsidy.

Source: Times Of India

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