Govt. provides Financial Assistance to Artistes and Cultural Professionals for attending Seminars, Workshops abroad

Name of the scheme: Financial Assistance for Artistes and Cultural Professionals going abroad for Seminars, Festivals and Cultural Subject

Purpose: The main purpose of this scheme is to support the travel expenditure of artists to go abroad for seminars, research, workshops, festivals and exhibitions, etc. organized on different aspects of Indian Culture for performance/participation in countries abroad to showcase its rich and diverse culture that would help in further promotion of Indian culture abroad.


  • Financial Assistance for travel is proposed for supporting artistes to go abroad for cultural activities, seminars, research, workshops, festivals, exhibitions, etc. organized on different aspects of Indian Culture for performance/participation in countries abroad.
  • However the scheme is not meant for such organizations or institutions that are functioning as religious institutions.


  • Individuals and groups including ‘not-for-profit’ organizations like Societies, Trusts, NGOs and Universities.
  • Individuals pursuing the activities in the field of culture for at least five years before date of application. They should have the UID number/Aadhar Card.
  • Societies, Trusts, NGOs and Universities should be registered and have a properly constituted governing body and clearly laid down functional responsibilities/Memorandum of Association.
  • Maximum 5 artists would be covered in a group.
  • Individuals/NGOs/institutions/trusts seeking grant will be eligible to obtain one grant in a financial year. In case, grant is received from any other Govt. organization/private institution during the current financial year, for the same activity, the request will not be considered.

Quantum of assistance:

  • Reimbursement would be made only on economy class air ticket subject to a maximum of Rs. 75,000/- or actual air fare whichever is less.
  • Only air fare would be paid and no other expenditure like visa fees and registration fees would be paid under this grant.
  • Certificate from applicant of receipt/non receipt of financial assistance for the same purpose from any other government organization or private institution is required.
  • Approval/Sanction letter for financial assistance will be issued before the onward journey. The actual payment will be made on reimbursement basis after completing the journey and his/her return to India after participation in the event and on production of ticket, vouchers and boarding passes in original.

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