Guidelines for doctors and chemists while prescribing antibiotics.

  • Government is planning to issue certain guidelines to doctors and chemists, which are mandatory to follow, while prescribing or selling commonly used antibiotics in an attempt to avoid development of drug resistance to infectious diseases like tuberculosis, malaria, urinary tract infection and even HIV.
  • This strategy is adopted by all member countries of the World Health Organization as a measure to fight drug-resistant diseases.
  • At the World Health Assembly meeting a resolution is passed to the member countries to frame plans by May 2017 and align them with WHO’s global strategy.
  • These guidelines are issued as the countries are struggling with the problem of rising drug resistance and over 700,000 deaths each year are attributed to drug resistance
  • Apart from fight against drug resistance WHO’s global sets out five key objectives for this resolution
  • They are 1) improve awareness and understanding of anti-microbial resistance, 2) strengthen surveillance and research, 3) reduce incidence of infection, 4) optimize use of anti-microbial medicines, and 5) ensure sustainable investment in countering antimicrobial resistance.

Source: ET

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