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Gujarat Solar Power Policy‐2015

Gujarat Solar Power Policy‐2015 is intended to facilitate and promote large scale addition of solar power generation capacities in Gujarat while taking into account the interest of all its stakeholders, such as the Investors, Developers, Technology Providers, Power Utilities, Grid Operators and the Consumers.

The State Government envisions a future with reduced dependence on fossil‐based energy by promoting renewable energy sources. The State recognizes that renewable energy can also significantly increase the State’s and the Nation’s energy security. Above all, it is the vision of the State Government to provide a clean and sustainable environment for its Citizens.


  • To promote green and clean power and to reduce the State’s carbon emission;
  • To reduce dependency on fossil fuels for energy security and sustainability;
  • To help reduce the cost of renewable energy generation;
  • To promote investment, employment generation and skill enhancement in the renewable energy sector;
  • To promote productive use of barren and uncultivable lands;
  • To encourage growth of local manufacturing facilities in line with the ‘Make in India’ programme;
  • To promote research, development and innovation in renewable energy.


Till March 32, 2020


Any company or body corporate or association or body of individuals, whether incorporated or not, or artificial juridical person shall be eligible for setting up of SPGs, either for the purpose of captive use and/ or for selling of electricity to the Distribution Licensee/ Third Partywhether or not under the renewable energy certificate (REC) mechanism in accordance with the Electricity Act‐2003, as amended from time to time.

Projects under the Solar Policy:

  • Rooftop Solar PV Systems with Net Metering
  • Solar Projects for Captive Consumption
  • Solar Projects with Sale of Power to DisComs
  • Solar Projects under REC Mechanism with Sale of Power to DISCOMs at APPC
  • Solar Projects with Sale of Power under NSM
  • Solar Projects with Sale of Power to Third Party under Open‐Access
  • Agriculture Solar Pumps
  • Stand‐alone PV Systems and Home Lighting System
  • Canal‐top and Canal‐bank Solar PV Projects
  • Technology Demonstration Projects

To know about provisions, incentives and other information: Click Here


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