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Gujarat Solar Power Policy 2015

Renewable Energy, particularly Solar Energy significantly increases the State’s and Nation’s Energy Security with reduced dependence on fossil-based energy. Gujarat is rich in solar energy resource with substantial amount of barren and uncultivated land. Therefore, Gujarat Govt. has launched the “Gujarat Solar Power Policy” to increase the share of solar energy and to facilitate and promote large scale addition of solar power generation capacities in Gujarat and providing clean and sustainable environment for its Citizens.


  • To promote green and clean power and to reduce carbon emission in the State and dependency on fossil fuels for energy security and sustainability.
  • To reduce the cost of renewable energy generation and to promote investment, employment generation and skill enhancement in the renewable energy sector.
  • To promote productive use of barren and uncultivated lands.
  • To encourage growth of local manufacturing facilities in line with the ‘Make in India’ programme.
  • To promote research, development and innovation in renewable energy.

Period of Operation:

The policy will came into effect from the date of its notification and will remain in operation for period of 5 years i.e. 2015 to March 2020.

Eligible Unit:

  • Any individual, company, association or group of individuals, whether incorporated or not, or artificial juridical person shall be eligible for setting up of Solar Power Projects either for the purpose of captive use or for sale to obligated entities i.e. Distribution Licensee or to any other third party.

Nodal Agency:

Gujarat Energy Developer Agency (GEDA) shall be the State Govt. Nodal Agency for the facilitation and implementation of the policy.


  • Benefits will be provided in the form of incentives to the following categories of solar projects:
    1. Rooftop Solar PV Systems
    2. Solar  Projects  for  Captive  Consumption
    3. Solar  Projects  with  Sale  of  Power to DISCOMs
    4. Solar  Projects  under  REC  Mechanism  with  Sale  of  Power to DISCOMs at APPC
    5. Solar  Projects  with  Sale  of  Power under NSM
    6. Solar  Projects  with  Sale  of  Power  to  Third  Party  under  Open‐Access
    7. Agriculture Solar Pumps
    8. Stand‐alone  PV  Systems  and  Home Lighting System
    9. Canal‐top  and  Canal‐bank  Solar PV Projects
  • Incentives will be provided on the basis of following provisions:
    1. Capacity: Up to maximum of 50% of Consumer’s Sanctioned Load or Contract Demand
    2. Demand Cut: Either not applicable or Exemption up to 50% of installed solar capacity
    3. Cross Subsidy Surcharge& Additional Surcharge: Either not applicable or exempted on the generated solar power
    4. CDM: 100% retained by the developer or consumer
    5. Electricity Duty: Exempted on the generated solar power
    6. RECs may also be claimed if the systems qualify under the REC Regulations at any point in time.

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