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Gujarat- Solar Water Pump Scheme

Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (Govt. Of India), New Delhi has entrusted GGRC to implement “Installation of Solar water Pumps for irrigation under “Solar Water Pumping Programme for Irrigation and Drinking Water” in the state of Gujarat.

Salient Features:

  • Under the Programme, AC/DC type submersible/surface pump of 3 HP/ 5 HP capacity of Solar Water Pump system will be availed by beneficiary farmer.
  • The beneficiary farmers will be entitled to avail Central Financial Assistance (Government of India Contribution) of Rupees 40,500/- per HP for DC Pumps and Rupees 32,400/- per HP for AC pumps for Project cost of erection and commissioning of SPV water Pump System for irrigation at his field.
  • To avail the benefit of installation of SPV water Pump for irrigation under the scheme, beneficiary farmer normally should have Drip Irrigation System under the MIS scheme implemented by GGRC in the state of Gujarat.
  • The solar water pumps would be installed in the Gujarat through registered solar water pump supplier of GGRC as per Govt. of India (MNRE) specifications.
  • The solar water pump system cost inclusive of installation, commissioning, transportation, insurance, 5 year maintenance and taxes wherever applicable.
  • The farmer may apply to any of the Nationalized/Commercial banks for sanction of loan for the Solar water pump under programme implemented by GGRC.

The Information to be provided by farmer at the time of application/enquiry: –

  • Depth of water in feet. (average water level in well/bore-well throughout year)
  • Area under irrigation. (Vigha/hectares)
  • Type of irrigation facility. (Drip Irrigation/Sprinklers Irrigation/ flood irrigation)

Types of Solar Water Pump available under the Scheme:

  • 3 HP DC Surface
  • 3 HP DC submersible
  • 5 HP DC Submersible
  • 3 HP AC Surface
  • 5 HP AC Surface
  • 3 HP AC Submersible
  • 5 HP AC Submersible

For More Information: Click HereGGRC

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