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Haryana: Post Matric Scholarships To The Children Of Those Parents who are Engaged in Unclean Occupations

Department of School Education, Haryana Government has introduced Pre-Matric Scholarship Scheme for the children of those parents who are engaged in unclean occupations such as scavenging, tanning, and flaying.


To provide financial assistance to children whose parents/guardian belongs to one of the following categories, to pursue pre-matric education:

  • Persons who are either presently engaged in manual scavenging or were so engaged.
  • Tanners
  • Flyers


  • Children whose parents are presently engaged in unclean occupations and were so engaged.
  • Children who are barn to parents who are not engaged in such occupations, but have been adopted by such person.
  • Such children will be eligible only if their parents furnish such certificates. (Such as proof of their occupation, date of adoption etc.) as may required by the department.


  • Scholarship and other grants:
Item Day Scholars Hostellers
Scholarship (Rs. Per Month) (for 10 months) 110 700
Books and Ad hoc Grant (Rs. Per annum) 750 1000
  • Additional Allowances for SC Students with disabilities studying in private unaided Schools
Allowances for Students with Disabilities Amount (In Rs.)
Monthly Reader Allowance for Blind students 100
Monthly. Transport Allowance for students with disabilities 50
Monthly Escort Allowance for Severely Disabled ( With 80% or higher disability) 50
Monthly. Helper Allowance admissible any employee of the hostel 100
Monthly Coaching, Allowance to Retarded and Mentally ill Students 100

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