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Immediate Medical Treatment for the victims of Road Accidents : Karnataka

Road accident in India kills more people than some epidemics. The antiquated traffic management and transportation system resulted in 1, 50,000 deaths and left more than half a million injured last year. Seeing this death menace, the Government of Karnataka has initiated “Mukhyamantri Santwana –Harish Scheme” to help victims of road accidents.


  • To give instant medical relief to victims of road accidents.


  • Road accident victims.


  • Ambulance helpline numbers are 108 or 104 for road accidents.
  • Immediate and instant medical treatment for the victims during Golden Hour (48 hours).
  • Cashless treatment to victims with maximum amount of Rs.25, 000 per victim per episode.
  • The victims will be treated free of cost in the hospital.

Hospitals that will come under this scheme:

  • All government hospitals.
  • All state medical colleges.
  • All private hospitals with emergency and polytrauma services.
  • All recognized hospitals mapped on GPS.

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