India Air Force Plans to Restructuring Fighter Induction

  • To face the threats from the neighboring countries mainly from China and Pakistan who are revitalizing their air forces, india is shuffling it air force by restructuring its fighter induction.
  • Our air force is inducting more new highly sophisticated air fighters like MMRCA, FGFA, Tejas Mark 11 etc., and developing infrastructure across the border.
  • Presently IAF holding 35 fighter squadrons with a mix of outdate MiG – 21s, Mig-27s and Sukhoi-30MKIs with less serviceability.
  • Addition of just two squadrons of Rifles costing around $5billion is not sufficient to support our IAF and definitely requires some more indigenously developed Tejas mark 11 or FGFA but viable technically and economically.
  • The twin engine AMCA developing indigenously is expected to fly its first flight during 2023-24.
  • Apart from long-term strategic and economic reasons behind the push for the indigenous AMCA, India is not happy with the technical, cost and delivery time frames bedeviling the Russian FGFA.
  • The PAK-FA, for instance, can still not super-cruise, which is critical for the capability to “look first and shoot first”. India is proposing to buy 60 to 65 flights on the basis of off the shelf first before commencing joint venture of FGFA with Russia.
  • All the issues relating the said project will be addressed and expected to be resolved during the visit of Mr. Narendra Modi, Prime Minister, to Russia during the month of December 2015

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