India and Australia will hold the First Joint Naval Drills Next Month


  • To develop defence ties and counter China’s growing power in the Indian Ocean, India and Australia are planning to hold first joint naval drills next month.
  • This maritime exercise will include anti-submarine warfare and coordinated anti-submarine drills.
  • China shocked India last year with two submarine visits to Sri Lanka’s commercial port in Colombo
  • Last year two submarines of china visits to Sri Lanka’s commercial port in Colombo and this left Inda in shocking mode
  • Taking this as a wake-up call, India and Australia should build up their capacity in submarines and particularly anti-submarine warfare
  • Frigate, tanker, submarine and a Lockheed AP-3C maritime surveillance aircraft would take part on behald of Australia and ships, as well as a Boeing P-8 Poseidon spy plane would take part on behalf of Indiain this bilateral exercises.

Source :ET

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