India buys T-50 stealth jets as a stopgap for FGFA project

  • India decided to buy  Sukhoi T-50 (also known as PAK FA) stealth fighter in order to strengthen its friendship with Russia.
  • India also opened an option for Russia to work jointly on Fifth Generation Fighter Aircraft (FGFA) project.
  • Official from ministry of defence  suggested the possibility of Indian Air Force pilots flight-testing the Russian stealth bombers in order to remove  the obstacles involved with the Indo-Russian collaboration
  • As estimated time frame for  induction of these advanced stealth jets is by 2020,India opted to buy T-50 stealth jets as a stopgap.
  • Russian defence ministry suggested to make upgradation to its fleet of SU-30SM aircraft by improving features like  avionics, radar and engines.
  • According to Russian Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation, Russia delivered $4.7 billion worth of weapons and military hardware to India in 2014.
  • Russia also assured that they will never take any steps affecting  the security and safety of India.
  • This assurance may form a guideline to our President’s foreign policy concept



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