India voices for non-discriminatory multilateral framework to eliminate nuclear weapon

  • At a Conference on Disarmament Venkatesh Varma , representative of India, said that India is interested in addressing and strengthening the international legal rules to protect and preserve access to space
  • He also said that the countries possessing nuclear weapons should exchange their ideas for build trust and confidence in international affairs and security doctrines.
  • At UN General Assembly held on 12th October,2015 Varma said that the elimination of nuclear weapons can be accomplished by a step by step process supported by a universal commitment and an agreed multilateral framework that is global and non-discriminatory.
  • He pointed out that India continues to keep under review the Arms Trade Treaty(ATT) from the perspective of its defence, security and foreign policy interests.
  • He also said that that India’s nuclear doctrine continues to stress a policy of credible minimum restriction with a posture of no-first use and non-use against non-nuclear weapon states

Source: Economic Times

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