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Indian languages at German Educational Institutions


  • Germany will now promote Indian languages including Sanskrit in its educational institutions
  • Human Resource Development Ministry decided to discontinue teaching of German as an alternative to Sanskrit and showcased it as national interests.
  • At G-20 summit in Brisbane in November last year this issue is being raised and criticized by Angela Merkel.
  • Sushma Swaraj too raised issues faced by some of the Indian students in pursuing their studies in Germany like residency status, renewal of visa and accommodation.
  • A discussion is held between our External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj in with the German counterpart Frank-Walter Steinmeir and German Education Minister Johanna Wanka on new initiatives to enhance cooperation in the education sector.
  • At the end of the discussions both the country decided that
    • India will continue to teach German as an additional language while Germany will promote Indian native languages in its institutions
    • Promote exchange of students as well collaboration between educational institutions of the two countries
  • The German government wants to set up a centre for advance studies in humanities and social science in India

Source: India today

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