Indian Navy SAILS towards pursuance of the energy and environmental goals of country – World Environment Day 2019

Indian economy has seen unprecedented growth over the past two decades, which has spurred the energy demand. Being a responsible and mature nation, our Government policies have seen a paradigm shift in energy policy. The focus has been on reducing the carbon footprint by ways of using alternate sources of energy.

  • Clean and Green Navy – Indian Navy pledges 1.5 % of its “Works” budget towards Renewable Energy generation
  • Indian Navy Environment Conservation Roadmap (INECR) – Indian Navy has formulated specific plans covering the entire gamut of operations, maintenance, administration and infrastructure/ community living.
  • 24 MW of Solar Photovoltaic (PV) projects consisting of both Rooftop and Land based solar panels are under execution at various shore establishments of the Navy under the Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission (JNNSM).
  • Indian Navy has taken up initiatives for sustained usage of biodiesel for all MT vehicles.
  • The Green Initiatives Programme would aid in boosting the national interests of environment sustainability and self-reliance in energy.
  • pilot projects utilizing wind or a mix of both solar and wind (hybrid) are also being taken up progressively which will not only reduce carbon footprint but also help achieve self-sustenance in energy security.
  • Emphasis is also being accorded to ensure that pollution is kept minimal in harbours and seas.
  • Effluent treatment plants for neutralizing toxic waste prior discharge, utilization of Sullage Barges for collection of floatsam and induction of equipment which ensure compliance to MARPOL requirements though not mandated for men-of-war.

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