India’s first vehicle scrapping policy may be on the cards of Budget 2016

On the line with its commitments to fight against curbing carbon emissions, Union Budget 2016 may have India’s first vehicle scrapping policy to get rid of old and polluting vehicles off the country road – Vijay Chhibber, who retired as secretary, ministry of road transport and highways, on 31 December.

According to Chhibber, the plan has been devised over the concern of vehicular emissions polluting country’s air thus burdening the health of the people.

After the Delhi’s government successful attempt (to an extent…) to curb the emissions by odd-even plan for cars, it is very likely that government may launch a national policy for the same reason.

Similar schemes have been previously launched in various parts of the world including the US, Japan and Europe. These schemes remain in force a limited period of time to boost the sales of fuel-efficient vehicles.

It is expected that if the policy implemented, vehicles older than 15 years would be phased out from Indian roads including buses, trucks, cars and three-wheelers – therefore 59.16 million vehicles may be phased out, as per the estimate of mint.

Source: Livemint

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