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Information Technology Policy of Nagaland

IT Policy of Nagaland – 2004 has been prepared by the Government of Nagaland to consolidate its efforts and to focus its energies to leverage the potential of IT for the benefit of its people. The Government of Nagaland shall endeavor to develop the State as a preferred IT destination by creating an enabling environment with appropriate policy intervention and people’s participation


  1. Creation and systematic enhancement of IT infrastructure in the State through Public-Private partnerships.
  2. Development of human resource by widening the reach of IT education with a view to improving the employability of youth.
  3. Encourage e-Commerce to overcome the handicap of remoteness.
  4. Encourage electronic governance for improving the efficiency and effectiveness of government’s service delivery systems by bringing transparency in Government operations.
  5. Grant industry status to all software industries in the State, including IT enabled Services making them eligible for all concessions and incentives applicable under the State Industrial Policy.

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